What is the Best Shapewear that Actually Works?

Choosing the best slimming bodysuit can have a huge impact on how you look and feel. But how to make sure that your shapers actually work? There are so many styles and options at Feelingirl. Are all of these going to work for your figure? 

Let’s see what shapewear features can make it more effective for the specific needs of every woman and different body types. 

1. Purpose and Target Area

Why do you need shapewear? What’s the real purpose? These are the first questions to ask yourself when picking your body shapers. There are so many varieties that work differently to shape your body and may target specific areas. 

For instance, waist cinchers target the waist and take care of the abdomen area. So, first decide what area you want to target. You can then get effective bodysuits, shorts, leggings and other types.

2. Compression Level

Shapewear pieces can have different compression levels. There is light, medium and firm support options. Basically, the compression level lets you feel as comfortable as you want. If firm support is too tight for you, go for medium or light. 

Compression level also makes your shapewear more effective. It depends on your figure and problem areas. So, choose the right compression if you want your shapewear pieces to work. 

3. Size and Fit

Your shapewear should fit you well and should feel snug. A size that’s larger or smaller than your requirement will ruin the effect of your body shapers. 

For instance, a stylish v neck thong bodysuit won’t be effective if you have the wrong size. So, make sure you have your shapewear in the right size for the best smoothing and slimming effects. 

4. Seamless Design

You need to have seamless shapewear that does not create visible lines under your outfits. If there are lines, it will ruin the overall look. Also, your shapewear won’t be discreet, leading to a rather shabby and unsophisticated look. So, always pick seamless pieces as these are also more comfortable. 

5. Adjustability

Many kinds of shapewear pieces have the option to adjust the fitting while others do not. So, look for the former. These allow a higher level of comfort for you when you have your shapewear on. Plus, the adjusting features let you control the fitting so that you can customize the size. 

6. Versatility

Buy shapewear pieces that you can wear with different kinds of outfits. Like, a tummy shapewear can be worn at different occasions and with different dresses so that you look great any day.

Similarly, a thong bodysuits, thigh shapers, or leggings are pieces that make you look slim with any dress. This versatility is important as it makes your shapewear work with all kinds of clothes. 

Final Thoughts 

So, keep these points in mind when getting your shapewear. It is definitely going to give you very good results by providing you a shaping and supportive effect. 
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